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The Rise And Fall…and Rise Of Dubai’s Property Market?

dubai property 150x150 The Rise And Fall...and Rise Of Dubais Property Market?In the early 2000′s, Dubai was able to establish itself at the forefront of world real estate investment as ex-pats flocked to the rapidly expanding, tax free haven in the United Arab Emirates. But like all bubbles it was to eventually burst. After floating on a healthy breeze of consumer demand, the wind changed after the global economic disaster of 2008 and only now are the green shoots of recovery peeping through.

5.8% growth in Nicaraguan economy drives confidence in property investors

nicaragua property investment 150x150 5.8% growth in Nicaraguan economy drives confidence in property investors According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the construction and mining industries are propelling economic growth in the Latin American nation this year with an average annual growth of 5.8% in the first quarter of 2012 as highlighted by the Monthly Economic Activity Index (IMAE).

Marcus Vassiliou, Sales Manager of alternative investment company, EcoInvestments comments, “Nicaragua’s economic growth remains solid with mining continuing to excel and construction booming with an estimated 600 projects running in 2012. Indeed, Nicaraguan officials have expressed a plan to build a $30 billion canal that will rival the famous Panama Canal in the next 10 years and this has generated a wave of interest in the Latin American nation from the likes of Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian investors. This project is expected to help drive the economy further and with projects such as this, Nicaragua will go from strength to strength.”

Miami: The place to buy in America

For overseas property investors looking to buy condos in the US, Miami looks to be one of the better bets.

According to the latest real estate figures, the Miami property market has seen property prices increase for the past four months and the price of condos in the area is 46 percent higher than at the same time last year.

All this is excellent news for property investors and many experts believe that these positive trends will continue as Miami is a popular area for second-home buyers as well as with international property purchasers.

Location Focus: Nicaragua

nicaragua 150x150 Location Focus: NicaraguaUntapped opportunities await in Nicaragua, the fastest growing economy in Latin America, making it an interesting country for prospective foreign property buyers.

Nicaragua is expected to grow 5.8% over the next five years, ahead of the 4.9% GDP average for Latin America according to a recent report from Pyramid Research. With this positive economic forecast in mind and Nicaraguan exports in 2012 predicted to grow 10-15% according to the Inter-American Development Bank, investor confidence in the nation is on the up with the Nicaraguan government recently revealing that Nicaragua received US$967.9 million in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2011, a 91% increase over 2010, as well as a new record for the Latin American country.

UK Buy-To-Let Property Boom

spanish property 150x150 UK Buy To Let Property BoomSometimes you don’t need to look abroad in order to invest in property. Many UK property investors are snapping up property in their own country to cash in on the buy-to-let boom.

According to the UK’s Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), a record 1.4 million ‘landlord loans’ are currently invested into property. With poor savings rates, many people are now looking at buy-to-let properties as a way of making money, particularly as rents are close to being at an all-time-high.

Albania named as Hot Destination of 2012

albania property 150x150 Albania named as Hot Destination of 2012 The Balkan nation of Albania was relatively unknown a couple of years ago and if mentioned, it was most certainly not as a holiday destination. But things are changing rapidly with this enigma of a country repeatedly hitting the travel headlines these days for all the right reasons.

In 2011 the auspicious Lonely Planet guide put Albania in at #1 in their ‘Best in Travel for 2011′ list. Shortly after, London’s very own global business newspaper, The Financial Times dubbed Albania one of the year’s most intriguing prospects for emerging travel.

US vs EU Ski Property Investment

ski property 150x150 US vs EU Ski Property InvestmentWhen thinking about investing in ski property, the US is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Most often, property investors think more towards the French Alps. However places such as Colorado offer equally good opportunities to those wishing to purchase a ski property investment.

One of the major attractions of purchasing a skiing property in the US rather than Europe is the cost. Since the global recession, US property has tanked and has yet to fully recover. This means that there are more opportunities for investors at both ends of the scale – budget ski properties and luxury skiing properties. Estate agents in Colorado have said that some properties have seen price drops of up to 35pc since their highest point and this has piqued the interest of increasing numbers of international property buyers.